A Brief Introduction of Myself

My name is Alhazen, I live in Cairo, Egypt and was born in 965. My fortune teller says I will die in the future in the year 1040. I believe sight works in ways different to the believed theories, which is that the eye emits beams of light, and that a physical object enters the eye. I believe that sight is from light reflecting off different points of an object, and the beams of light travelling into the eye.  I am well known around the world for my studies on how light travels in a straight line, as well as being the first to reduce reflected and refracted light rays into horizontal and vertical lines. Other prominent scientists now are  Avicenna, who I agreed with that the eye was the organ of sight. The scientific theories before my time were that sight worked by the eye emitting beams of light, which were Euclid and Ptolemy’s theory, and that a phsyical object entered the eye to give sight, which was the theory of Aristotle and his followers.

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